Funding PhD studentships

2016 celebrated Brain Research UK's first studentship PhD grant call nationally.

Previously, all PhD studentships that we awarded were for students to study at UCL Institute of Neurology in London. In 2015 we broadened our charitable objectives so we can fund the very best brain research at centres of excellence throughout the UK as well as at the world renowned Institute of Neurology.

So now, any student who has already applied to study a PhD in neuroscience and neurology will be eligible for the funding, which is up to £120,000 for three to four years.

Neurological research grants

This opportunity enables outstanding students to gain the necessary skills and training to investigate research treatments and cures for neurological conditions. The studentship applications are currently being reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Panel and the successful candidates will start their PhD’s in September 2017.

Caroline Blakely, CEO of Brain Research UK said, “We are delighted to offer such a fantastic opportunity to talented students, passionate about brain research. We have offered and funded PhDs for over 40 years at world-leading research centres nationally. We hope by funding PhD students and our additional funding to all neurological laboratories that one day we will be able to improve the quality of life for people living with brain conditions”.

For more information on how to apply for a grant, whether PhD or research, please click here.