New PhD studentships awarded

Every year, Brain Research Trust awards aspiring neurological researchers the opportunity to be awarded a PhD studentship.

With the change of our charitable objects to fund research throughout the UK, we are proud to announce that the two recently awarded studentships will be at different neurological centre of excellences.

Commencing their studentships in September 2017, Emer O'Connor and Richard Baugh will be carrying out their studies into two of our priority research areas for funding this year, cluster headaches and neuro oncology.

Emer O'Connor - PhD student - Cluster headaches

Emer O’Connor, UCL Institute of Neurology:
Emer’s research is focused on cluster headache, a condition so painful and debilitating it is commonly known as ‘suicide headache’. Cluster headache is known to be hereditary in some cases but the particular genes involved have not been identified. Working in collaboration with a wide international network, Emer will analyse DNA from families affected by cluster headache to pinpoint the genetic variants associated with this condition. Ultimately, this work will help guide the design of future new therapies for cluster headache.

Richard Baugh, University of Oxford:
Richard’s PhD research is focusing on the brain tumour glioblastoma. Glioblastoma has a dismal outlook with only 20 per cent of patients surviving a year from diagnosis. The  nature of the tumour makes it difficult to remove surgically; radiation and chemotherapy are currently  used to slow its growth but cannot eliminate the tumour completely. Richard will be working on a new immunotherapy approach to target the tumour more effectively.

Applying for a PhD studentship
We are currently calling for applications for PhD studentships in our three priority areas: neuro-oncology, acquired brain damage, and headache and facial pain. The closing date for applications is 13 December 2017. Find out more here.