A painting with a difference

With his paintings displayed all across Europe, talented artist Daniel Yeomans has decided he will be donating the proceeds of his latest portrait to charity.  ‘Dystonia & Tim; The renaissance of self' was inspired by his friend who suffers from Dystonia.  Daniel hopes that by selling this painting, he can help fund the much needed research into neurological conditions such as Dystonia, to help people like Tim.  Here is their story:

After military service in the RAF Tim went on to spend much of his life in Zimbabwe.  In 2014 after returning to his hometown in the heart of Wales, Tim was diagnosed with the neurological condition dystonia. This debilitating condition affects the control of movement and muscles, causing difficulty with posture and repetitive movements such as walking.

Since diagnosis Tim has sought refuge in keeping a journal, which developed into a love for observation, poetry and drawing.  These have fast become a daily means of therapy for him and being creative on a daily basis helps to cope with the illness. 

Artist Daniel said: "Tim first requested to watch me paint in my studio, which was relaxing and intriguing for him.  It was his way to curb the anxiety and “get back at the disease” as he puts it.  Like art therapy.  It didn’t take long before I proposed that while Tim worked in his journal I might paint a portrait of him.  Tim had soon swapped over to ‘model’s chair’ and was sat there drawing me in his journal, as I painted his portrait.” (Finished portrait above) 

The portrait is all about the renewal of his life.  Tim’s  journal placed on the table in the centre of the painting is a parallel to Tim’s life and how his memoirs and journals have become of great importance to his progress. The ambiguous Self Portrait in the top right is one of Tim’s, sat with his cat in the bedroom, the placement of which, is very important and symbolises Tim making a conscious effort through his 'Art Therapy/ journal writing' to push away the struggles of living with dystonia.

Daniel hopes his painting will sell for over £7,000 and will donate the money to neurological research charities, including Brain Research UK.

If you would like to contact Daniel about this painting or know more about his work, click here or email him directly at Danyeomans@mac.com.

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