Kathryn's story

With the sudden passing of her husband nine weeks after diagnosis of a brain tumour, Kathryn turned to charity to help find effective treatments from research for neurological conditions.

Kathryn said, ‘My husband had a very aggressive form of brain cancer and he suffered from chronic tiredness and severe headaches, while his movement and co-ordination deteriorated due to seizures which eventually led to him not being able to speak.

Throughout the rollercoaster journey of his illness, we saw opportunities in which the understanding and treatment of brain cancer could be improved.

Nothing in life prepares you for losing the people who mean the most to you. These tragedies only happen in films and magazines right? Wrong.’

Kathryn White - Brain Research Trust

Kathryn decided to change her outlook on life and focus more on positivity. ‘I’m ashamed to admit that until this year my relatively charmed life had meant that I hadn’t given much thought to charity. Life was already so busy, fitting in work alongside taking part in eventing with two horses, and seeing friends and family. This year has been a turning point and I am determined that something positive will come out of this tragedy.’

Kathryn is helping Brain Research UK to accelerate the progress of brain research. We fund research into brain tumours and other neurological conditions. To find out more information click here.