Michael's story

Michael was 30 when his life changed forever.

He woke up dazed and confused to find two strangers standing at the end of his bed asking his name. He heard his wife telling him everything was OK, and to try to answer their questions.

Then he noticed there was blood all over his pillow. He had experienced his first seizure. After tests and an MRI scan, Michael was told he had a brain tumour.

Suddenly Michael had a decision to make.

Have surgery now but risk dying on the operating table. Or have five years with his wife and three month old son, with the tumour gradually growing, causing more seizures and eventually killing him.

Michael didn’t take long to think about it. He knew that he wanted it to be removed.

Michael Nollet - London marathon runner

Ten years on he is now tumour free and making the most of every moment. He’s watching his children grow up and, incredibly, he ran the 2017 Virgin London Marathon in aid of Brain Research UK.

Every year in the UK, 13,000 people like Michael are diagnosed with a brain tumour. Not all of their stories end happily.

Please donate today and accelerate the progress of neurological research and help more stories end happily like Michael's.