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Ed and James climb Mount Elbrus

Ed and James on a top of Mount Elbrus

Personal motivation – Ed and James decided to support Brain Research UK as a result of their families' experiences with brain-related conditions. They each have close family members affected by stroke, brain tumors and dementia. In preparation for their climb their undertook a grueling training schedule that included endurance strength conditioning, cardio-based circuits, weighted runs and climbs in the Lake District.

This hard work paid off, enabling them to cope with the extreme conditions on Mt Elbrus, where they faced -20 degree temperatures, ice falls and crevasses whilst overcoming the effects of altitude and exhaustion. The challenge pushed them to their physical and mental limits but they made it! They conquered Mt Elbrus and raised a phenomenal amount of money in the process - more than £11,000! Congratulations Ed and James! We are so grateful to you for choosing to support Brain Research UK, and helping us continue to fund life-changing research into the neurological conditions that affect so many people.

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