50 years of vital neurological research funded thanks to our valued donors and supporters

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At this milestone occasion, we say a huge thank you to all those who have helped to improve the lives of those affected by neurological conditions.


“When I was 9 years old, my Dad died of a sudden brain haemorrhage. I am delighted to have supported Brain Research UK in their 50th birthday celebrations and will continue to support this great charity!”
“Without this essential research there would be no life-saving treatment that helped Conor and others like him. Happy 50th Birthday Brain Research UK!”

50th anniversary challenges

Brain Research UK has been funding the essential research for 50 years, let’s make sure they continue for many more years – please support their 50th birthday fundraising celebrations!

Please help fund vital research

The pandemic has meant a drop in donations for many charities. Thanks to our loyal and inspiring supporters, we continue to fund vital research. Every donation makes a difference to the progress of neurological research.

To help fund a future project, please make a special gift for our anniversary to enable further progress to help those with a neurological condition live better, longer.

“I support Brain Research UK because, whilst there is no cure for me, research can help someone else in the future - and I want to be part of that.”
“I’ve supported Brain Research UK for many years and I am delighted to be doing it again the year when they’re turning 50! My wife had Huntington’s disease. It was great to feel like I was doing something to help her, and I feel a real need to run in her memory and continue the cause.”
“I suffered a brain haemorrhage which resulted in a fractured skull, permanent loss of taste and smell, temporary eye sight damage and mild memory loss. I’ve been so lucky to recover fast and still live life to the full. Not everyone’s as fortunate, which is why it is so essential to continue funding neurological research. Thank you Brain Research UK for all the research you have funded for the last 50 years.”