1 in 6 of us
has a neurological condition
1 in 5 deaths
is due to a neurological condition
800,000 hospital admissions
every year result from neurological problems

Neurological conditions include everything from sudden onset conditions such as stroke or traumatic brain injury; to progressive, degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease; and intermittent conditions such as epilepsy and headache disorders.

These conditions vary enormously in terms of the impact that they have on the lives of those affected. Some are rapidly fatal. Some cause a gradual decline in function. Some are chronic and debilitating. Together they cause around 140,000 deaths every year in the UK – one fifth of all deaths – and they are a leading cause of disability.

We are currently focusing our research funding on the three disease areas below, because of the particularly large unmet need in these areas. You can read more about these Research priorities here.

The facts and stats shown relate to the UK.

Brain tumours

More under 40s
are killed by brain tumours than by any other cancer
people are diagnosed with a primary brain tumour every year
lives are lost to brain tumours every year

Brain and spinal
cord injury

Every 90 seconds
someone is admitted to hospital with a brain injury
2.6 million
people are living with the effects of traumatic brain injury or stroke
people are living with a spinal cord injury

Headache and
facial pain

are the most common type of pain
migraine attacks occur every day
people suffer from cluster headache, the ‘suicide headache’