Our strategy

Our strategy aims to achieve a greater impact on those living with a neurological condition through the funding of more research, made possible by our loyal, dedicated supporters.

Our purpose

To fund essential research to discover the causes, develop new treatments and improve the lives of those affected by neurological conditions.

Our promise

We will improve the lives of those affected by one of hundreds of neurological conditions through the funding of essential research and accelerating its progress.

We will encourage the brain research community to accelerate progress by sharing knowledge and nurturing future talent.

Our values

Unity - We believe that we are stronger when we bring people together. Scientists and supporters, patients and families, working collectively.

Humanity - We link the brain research we fund to its human impact, by sharing real-life stories. We translate our research into words that everyone can easily understand.

Positive energy -  Active. Courageous. Resolute. We are determined to accelerate the progress of brain research. We share real-life stories to inspire people to support us, but remain hopeful, positive and upbeat.