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We offer two types of research grant: PhD studentships and project grants. These grants are available to UK-based researchers through open, national competition in our annual calls.


Through both the studentships and the project grants, we want to fund hypothesis-driven pre-clinical or clinical research that addresses large unmet need and demonstrates a clear pathway to clinical impact in one of our three priority areas: 


We want to fund research addressing the fundamental causes, mechanisms, diagnosis or treatment of primary tumours of the brain or spinal cord, and associated neurological complications.

Acquired brain and spinal cord injury

We want to fund research that helps advance understanding of how to promote meaningful recovery from acquired CNS injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and stroke.

This theme does not include neurodegenerative conditions or research focused on neuro-protection.

Headache and facial pain

We want to fund research addressing the fundamental causes, mechanisms, diagnosis or treatment of headache and facial pain.

Project grants

Brain Research UK project grants provide funding of up to £300,000 for translational research projects under the three priority themes outlined above. We particularly encourage applications from early career researchers, and applications for collaborative projects (including international collaborations).

Our project grants provide funds for the employment of research staff and the purchase of essential equipment and consumables for projects lasting up to three years.

This year's call for project grant applications is now closed. Our next call will launch Autumn 2022.

PhD studentships

Brain Research UK PhD studentships are open to both clinical and non-clinical candidates. They are intended to enable outstanding graduates to gain the necessary skills and training to set them on course for the development of an independent career in one of our three priority research areas, or to support clinicians entering a clinical academic career pathway focused on one of these areas.

Our studentships provide funding of up to £120,000 for completion of a PhD on either a full-time or part-time basis.

This year's call for applications for PhD studentships is now closed. Our next call will be issued in late summer 2022.

Relevant links

Our Conflict of interest policy sets out how we deal with potential conflicts of interest arising in the assessment of grant applications.

Our Policy on the Use of animals in scientific research sets out our approach to funding research involving animals.


Please call Katie Martin on 0117 909 4809 or email if you have any queries concerning our research funding or if you would like to be notified of future funding opportunities.