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Following review of our research strategy in 2023, we now offer two types of research grant: project grants and fellowships. These grants are available to UK-based researchers through open, national competition in our annual calls.


Through both funding schemes we want to fund hypothesis-driven pre-clinical or clinical research that addresses large unmet need and demonstrates a clear pathway to translation in one of the three areas outlined below. All projects must have a mechanistic hypothesis and a clear pathway to translation.

Additionally we will fund the development of biological models of disease that enhance these three themes and facilitate translation.

  • Headache and facial pain: research that aims to improve the management and treatment of headache or facial pain disorders. We will fund research that addresses the fundamental causes, mechanisms, diagnosis or treatment of headache and facial pain.
  • Neuro-oncology: research that aims to improve clinical outcomes for patients with primary tumours of the brain or spinal cord. We will fund research that addresses the fundamental causes, mechanisms, diagnosis or treatment or primary tumours of the brain or spinal cord, and associated neurological complications.
  • Acquired brain and spinal cord injury: research that aims to protect or restore function in patients following brain or spinal cord injury. We will fund research that addresses the mechanisms of the injury, the mechanisms of the recovery process, and determinants of outcome.

Now open: apply for a Post-doctoral fellowship or Clinical PhD fellowship!

These new fellowships provide up to £300,000 for salary funding and research costs for post-doctoral candidates working towards independence, as well as prospective clinical academic PhD students.

Closing date: 10th September 2024

Fellowship scheme: full details

Project grant call: next deadline January 2025

Brain Research UK project grants provide funding of up to £300,000 for projects lasting up to three years. We particularly encourage applications from early career researchers (up to 10 years post-doc), and applications for collaborative projects (including international collaborations, if led by a UK team).

Relevant links

Our Research strategy, updated in 2023.

Our Conflict of interest policy sets out how we deal with potential conflicts of interest arising in the assessment of grant applications.

Our Policy on the Use of animals in scientific research sets out our approach to funding research involving animals.


Please call Katie Martin on 0117 909 4809 or email if you have any queries concerning our research funding or if you would like to be notified of future funding opportunities.