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Christmas 2023 Appeal


This Christmas, would you please consider giving a gift to help accelerate the progress of neurological research?

One in six of us has a neurological condition. Brain research is vital to improving the lives of the 11 million people in the UK, young and old, who are living with a neurological condition. Much has been achieved…but there is still so much to be done.

Research has helped people like Yog

Your continued support would mean a great deal to us. Without your valued support, vital research would not be funded. Indeed, it was thanks to research that Yog, whose story is outlined below, was able to run this year’s London Marathon even though he was diagnosed with a meningioma 11 years ago.

Iorwerth in his marathon outfit

Iorwerth (‘Yog’) was diagnosed with an apple-sized brain tumour in 2012. Doctors initially attributed his worsening headaches to migraine. With the onset of other symptoms, including early morning vomiting and memory issues, his sister, an ex-nurse intervened, and an MRI scan revealed the presence of a tumour, ameningioma.

Within hours the NHS machine kicked into action and my case was given urgent status. Within ten days I had further MRI scans, and a craniotomy to remove the tumour

In October2022, he completed the London Marathon as part of Team #BrainResearchUK.

As I approach 50 and have just marked the 10th anniversary of my craniotomy, I felt it was fitting to try and contribute more to the cause. All the money going into research has the potential to improve our understanding of what is basically a massively complicated bit of biological machinery.

When the brain is struck by a tumour, an injury, or a disease, the consequences can be devastating. The impact is not only on the lives of patients but also on the families who love and support them through illness and treatments.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, we have been able to fund vital research that is taking forward understanding of these conditions so that people like Yog can live better, longer.

Please can you help fund more life-changing research this Christmas?