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Hollie's Christmas Lights


This Christmas Hollie is raising money for Brain Research UK as her 16 month old son has a degenerative brain condition called SCA27. This condition, sadly means that part of his brain is dying. There is currently no cure or treatment for this extremely rare condition.

Hollie has created a wonderful Christmas light display in her front garden as a way to fundraise for vital research into neurological conditions to give other families the chance for treatment or a cure in the future.

Hollie says ‘I’m doing a Christmas display as my children love lights, with their genetic conditions they love “sensory “ and lights is a main one. Christmas is also it a time where many families get together to make memories, memories we have to make daily. So, this is a reminder to everyone that people need to live life to the fullest and shine as bright as you possibly can because everyone is AMAZING whether you believe it or not you are INCREDIBLE we are making a change!’