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London Marathon 2020: Q&A


Brain Research UK: Q&A about the London Marathon Postponement

Will Brain Research UK have a team in the October 3rd 2021 London Marathon?

YES! An October London Marathon has never happened before and not likely to again for a very long time, so this one will be a very special one.

I have a 2020 London Marathon Ballot place secured independently of the charity. What happens next?

The London Marathon will be in touch with you directly. Please look out for their instructions. They will be deferring own place runners into the 2021, 2022 or 2023 London Marathons.

Runners will be asked by 1st September 2020 to state their deferral preferences. The organisers plan to inform people who have requested a place in the 2021 event by 4 October 2020 and those requesting deferrals to 2022 or 2023 events will be informed by 31 January 2021.

I have a charity place given to me by Brain Research UK. What happens next?

Securing a place in October 2021

If we had previously guaranteed you a charity place in 2020 (and you hadn’t pulled out of the event before February 1st 2020 )then we can guarantee you a place in the October 2021 marathon.

To let us know you would like to take up this offer of a guaranteed charity place please email by September 1st 2020. If we do not hear from you by this date we will assume that you have decided not to run on a Brain Research UK charity place in 2021 and will allocate this to a new runner.

For those running in 2021, there may be a new registration process that needs to be undertaken – we will keep in touch with you to let you know if you need to do anything else.

Registration Fee

We will roll your registration fee over to 2021. Please note this is non-refundable so won’t be refunded if you decide not to run on the 2021 London Marathon place we are guaranteeing for you.

Fundraising Target

When we allocated you a place in the marathon you committed to raise a target you set for the event. Please note that this target will remain in place for 2021. If you require any help with fundraising please speak to the team who will happily help with any advice.

What happens to my sponsorship money?

We will move any sponsorship monies already received by Brain Research UK across to the marathon you take part in. To amend your Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving fundraising pages to show the correct event, please wait for instructions from the fundraising platforms themselves.

What do I do about training now?

Many will be wondering about how to adjust their training programme to suit a new marathon date. We expect the London Marathon to have plenty of tips and advice on this. We will also be in touch with our partners to work on some top training advice to help you.

Will you be holding any more Brain Research UK team events between now and October 2021?

Yes, we will now look to hold a Brain Research UK team event before race day. It is likely this will not be announced for a little while –but we intend to find a way to get the team together.

How do I apply for London Marathon 2021?

We are taking applications for our charity places in 2021.Please complete our application form to apply.

Is the Brain Research UK Office open at the moment?

Given the current Coronavirus situation we have reluctantly taken the decision to work from home until things improve. This will be continually reviewed as the situation develops.

As a result, we would kindly ask that if you have questions, to please email in the first instance or call us on 020 7404 9982.

We will be keeping the team abreast of news as and when it occurs, via both email and on our Facebook Group. At this stage, we are likely to be waiting on news like you!

We hope you understand if there is a little delay in responding to you during this time, but please know we are doing our best and grateful for all your support.