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Fundraising in memory

Marathon runner

Whether you take on a personal challenge or organise your own fundraising event, fundraising is a lovely and impactful way to honour the memory of your loved one.

If you wanted to challenge yourself physically we have lots of challenge events that you can sign up to. But really you can set any physical challenge that is personal to you and get sponsored for it. The sky is the limit, you could set yourself a target of steps to reach in a month, complete a challenging hike or trek, run a marathon, or swim in the sea in the heart of winter.

Or would you prefer something that brings everyone together? An in memory fundraising event is a great way to bring everyone together to share precious memories, all while raising vital funds for research into neurological conditions. There are lots of fundraising events you can hold such as a bake sale, car wash, afternoon tea, movie night, pub quiz, golf day or gala dinner, the list is endless. You can do whatever you want, just get people together and have a good time remembering your loved one.