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Stone and River Three Peaks Challenge

On 19th September 2019, colleagues Lucy, Izzy and Sophie organised and undertook their own Three Peaks Challenge in memory of Sue, the founder of Stone and River consultants who sadly died from a brain aneurysm.

They organised the challenge to mark the anniversary of Sue’s death and to support Brain Research UK, the charity chosen by Sue’s family.

Sue saw the company as an extended family and she was an inspirational mentor to all of us. We admired her hugely for her passion and creativity but also for the pride she took in creating really strong relationships. She was highly respected throughout the industry with many appreciating her counsel, intelligence, energy and humor, all of which we miss hugely.

Joined by Sophie’s brother, Oliver, they could not have chosen a better weekend as the weather was perfect, and they managed to complete the challenge in 23 hours 54 minutes!

We really had no idea it would be so tricky but we loved every moment and would do it all again for these incredible views. Carl (our minibus driver) said in all the 30 times he's driven people this year, it's never been as clear as it was for us, so Sue must have had a word!! It was completely other-worldly, and gave us some much needed perspective and fresh air. We swanned into it thinking us four relatively fit under 30s would find it a walk in the park, how wrong we were!

The team raised the incredible sum of £2,512 to support our vital brain research.

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