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The brain is the most complex organ in our body. It weighs just 3lb, yet it controls our emotions, senses and actions. Every single one of them. It is how we process the world around us. So when it breaks down, we break down.
It doesn’t have to be this way.
There are hundreds of neurological conditions. We fund the best research to discover the causes, develop new treatments and improve the lives of those affected.
We inspire scientists and families to come together, side by side, stride by stride.
Help loved ones live better, longer. Let’s unite to accelerate the progress of brain research. Today.

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Our Annual Review is packed with information about our latest research and gives a list of projects funded over the financial year. It also includes stories from our wonderful supporters who have raised funds for us, as well as a simple overview of our financial accounts.

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Our financial accounts give a detailed breakdown of our income and expenditure over our financial year (1st October to 30th September).

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